Great lawyer

I am writing this to hopefully help someone in the future. I am a 50-year-old black gay man who had never ever been in trouble in my life. I was referred to Attorney Brody from a very good friend and Brody was described to me as a quiet junk yard dog. I didn’t understand what that meant, until I did. After hiring Brody, it seemed to me that, he dropped everything that wasn’t too important and gave me his 100 percent time and advise. All I can say is this, hire this man! Brody not only knows the law, but he also knows people, which is very important in the kind of case I had. He talks straight, very blunt, very blunt! Which is what you need. My favorite saying Brody likes to say, “I will tell you when to get nervous.” I fully recommend this man, hire him, if he says $10,000.00 give him $11,000.00. Trust me things will come up.

Posted by anonymous
Nov 1, 2022

This man save my life and career.

I was a little apprehensive, putting my fate into another man’s hands. But since the moment I spoke with him the first time, I knew he was the attorney for me. He is so down to earth, and can break things down for you. Not to mention he has amazing therapy skills. He reduce my anxiety so much just from the first time I talk to him on the phone. I was a bit afraid, of what the outcome of my case could be. But by him turning me into a person, and filing all the necessary paperwork with the courts. My case was closed and dismissed in one month. I spoke to other attorneys, and they can’t believe his results. He save my life and my career. And I owe it all to him and his dedication, he will forever be in my graces. Thank you again, Brody p.s not to get into any detail, but this was a felony offense.

Posted by Steven
Oct 13, 2022

Miami’s Best Attorney

Fue una experiencia fluida y exitosa y se lo debo todo a Daman. Conocí a Daman por casualidad, mientras buscaba un abogado para manejar un caso hostil de accidente automovilístico por mí. Fue muy amable y profesional de principio a fin, me escuchó pacientemente mientras estaba en mal estado, me aconsejó sobre lo que se podía hacer y estableció las expectativas desde el principio. Lo que más me gustó de Daman fue que fue justo, razonable y no me dio falsas expectativas. Además, siempre me consultaba antes de seguir adelante con cualquier papeleo. Siempre tuvo tiempo para explicarme las cosas y hablar conmigo. En este mundo ajetreado, no es fácil encontrar un abogado de prestigio con todas estas cualidades. Fue una experiencia fluida y exitosa y se lo debo todo a Daman Brody. Manejó mi caso con éxito y me considero bendecido de haberlo conocido. – Mauricio A. Graniello

Posted by Mauricio
July 29, 2022

Marcia J Tavarez

Es el mejor abogado de toda la Florida. El siempre estuvo al pendiente de todo durante el proceso, no solo de la parte legal pero también la parte emocional. El siempre va millas extra para asegurar un resultado positivo. Mas aun el obtuvo los mejores resultados yo estaba sorprendida y agradecida por siempre con el resultado. Recomiendo a este abogado un 100%

Posted by Marcia J Tavarez
July 15, 2022

Amazing Service, Top Notch Law Firm

Daman Brody’s approach as a lawyer shines in every imaginable way. If you’re in search of a lawyer with impeccable standards look no further. Brody and his diligent team care about their clients and go the extra mile. Brody has a brilliant grasp of the law and offers you the most professional, ethical and sound legal advice you can find in the United States. A true seeker of justice and client satisfaction – two important attributes that are hard to come by when dealing with law firms today. I cannot stress enough how much I recommend this amazing lawyer and his associates. You will not be disappointed. I recommend choosing this firm over any other because they focus on client satisfaction and results. Ian Halperin No.1 NY Times Bestselling Author/Award Winning Filmmaker

Posted by IAN
May 7, 2022

I Received Royal Legal Representation From Attorney Daman Brody!!

I highly recommend Attorney Daman Brody. Attorney Brody was courteous, professional, aggressive, trustworthy, and extremely skilled. His legal representation was amazing. I am still shocked he answered my calls after hours and on the weekends. Attorney Brody is “Superman” in a suit!!!

Posted by KH
May 4, 2022

Great Lawyer

I never thought I would be in a situation where I would need a lawyer to represent me in court however when I did find myself in that situation and I found Daman’s website I decided to give him a call and see how our first consultation would go and what my options were. He was very thorough and explained everything to me and worked with me every single step of the way. At no point did I ever feel alone, lost or confused. Daman was of great assistance, his services were remarkable. I appreciated his honesty. It was very comforting knowing that I was not getting blindsided at any point. I was always being informed of the outcomes that could come from my situation and was constantly updated with any changes. Until the very last second while we were in court for my final hearing he pushed for the very best outcome for me. I 100% appreciated the amount of effort and how above and beyond he went to make sure that justice was served in my case the best way it could be.

Posted by Lisandro
January 12, 2022

Best Attorney!

Daman Brody was the absolute best attorney I have ever dealt with and I will forever use him in the future! He truly has the best communication skills and is very consistent with updating you with every detail on your case. He stuck by my side and helped me every step of the way until the case was closed. I highly recommend Daman Brody as your attorney!

Posted by Ilene
October 29, 2021


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